What We Do

Estas son las Actividades que desarrollamos en el Colegio

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Curricular teaching


Curricular teaching in each of the levels with national and international validity
Introduction to Natural Sciences, Social Studies, Exact Sciences and Arts
Oral expression based on thinking, doing and playing
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International exams in English (University of Cambridge) :
Y.L.E: Young Learners of English : Starters- Movers-Flyers.

K.E.T. for schools
K.E.T: Key English Test

P.E.T. for schools
P. E. T: Preliminary English Test
F.C.E: First Certificate in English

C.A.E: Cambridge Advanced English
B.E.C: Business English Certificate

Physical Education/Recreational activities


Physical Education/Recreational activities:
Fine and gross motor skills.and body scheme development.

Athletics, gymnastics, basketball, softball, handball, football, swimming, educational campouts and excursions.

Other Activities


Charity campaigns. Our students take part in regional, national and international events. Field trips. Cognitive and sports competitions. Optional workshops. Olympics( Mathematics, Geography)