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The school is located on a 5250 m2 plot of land, where the facilities are distributed.

The school features:
• 35 Classrooms
• Library
• Robotics Laboratory
• Art Room
• Well-equipped Science Laboratory
• Multipurpose Hall
• Snack Bar

• Digital classrooms, equipped with projectors and computers for teachers and integrated sound system in each classroom.
• Mobile virtual classrooms equipped with netbooks for each student.
• Traditional and multimedia library.

Additionally, the school has a 450 m2 cement courtyard covered with a gabled roof and an uncovered sports court measuring 550 m2 at the secondary level, surrounded by trees, intended for sports such as soccer, handball, volleyball and basketball.

The kindergarten has an exclusive enclosed patio with appropriate playground equipment for young children.

The primary school has a wooded garden with playground equipment, such as swings and climbing structures.

Robotics Laboratory

The school’s proposal in the field of robotics is planned across all levels, from kindergarten to secondary school, gradually complexifying the development of the content.

Emphasis is placed on students getting to know and understand how digital and technological systems, which they use daily, work. The hypothetical deductive method, commonly known as the scientific method, is employed.

“The habits of mind”, which are part of our classroom practices in all areas, promote the approach to various situations by scanning facts holistically, reasoning with evidence, making connections with other disciplines, discovering complexity, constructing explanations, asking questions and considering different viewpoints.

Learning is proposed based on projects.

Science Laboratory

We have a fully equipped Science Laboratory where our students can engage in experiments, verify hypotheses, think reasonably and connect the knowledge acquired in related areas.


Our library offers diverse materials for students of all ages. We promote the use of this space during classes and also allow students to access it during breaks for recreational reading, board games and other activities.